Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad may refer to:

  • Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine
  • Islamic Jihad Organization, active mostly in Lebanon
  • Islamic Jihad of Yemen
  • Turkish Islamic Jihad
  • Egyptian Islamic Jihad

See also:

  • Islamic jihad, theological concept of jihad

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Lebanon Hostage Crisis - Victims
... executed hundreds of the Shah's followers in the wake of Khomeini's Islamic Revolution ... abduction, a telephone message claimed "Islamic Jihad organization claims it is responsible for the abduction.. ... was the best known, and longest held, hostage believed to be captured by Shiite Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad Organization Anderson, was seized on March 16, 1985, finally being ...
History Of Terrorism - 21st Century - Middle East
... Osama bin Laden, closely advised by Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, in 1988 founded Al-Qaeda (Arabic القاعدة, meaning "The Base"), an Islamic jihadist movement to replace Western-controlled ... In pursuit of that goal, bin Laden issued a 1996 manifesto that vowed violent jihad against U.S ... On August 7, 1998, individuals associated with Al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad carried out simultaneous bombings of two U.S ...
Shuja'iyya - History - Modern Era
... site of an armed confrontation between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Israeli Army (IDF) ... The clash resulted in the death of an IDF officer and four Islamic Jihad militants, and the day has been commemorated by the latter as the "Battle of Shuja'iyya ... A coalition of Hamas and Islamic Jihad forces battled intensely with the IDF days after the airstrikes ...
Al-Quds Rocket
... The al-Quds 101 Rocket is a homemade rocket made and used by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad for use in attacks against Israel ... On February 11, 2006, Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza reported that the newly developed al-Quds 2 had a length of 2.3 meters and were capable of striking Ashkelon, Israel, from the Gaza Strip ... Islamic Jihad has recently released a video showing the development of a much larger Quds-4 rocket ...