IRR may refer to:

  • Internal rate of return, a profitability metric
  • Image rejection ratio, a radio metric
  • Implied repo rate, a rate of return attained by means of a cash and carry trade
  • Internet Routing Registry, a network routing database
  • Iranian rial, the currency of Iran
  • Individual Ready Reserve, a personnel status of the United States Military
  • Iraqi Republic Railways, a transportation operator
  • Institute of Race Relations, a policy institute
  • Incident Response Regiment (Australia), an emergency response agency
  • Institute for Religious Research, an apologetics organization
  • Inner Ring Road (disambiguation)
  • Interrupt Request Register, a register used for managing interrupts in programmable interrupt controllers.

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Outer Ring Road, Bangalore - Inner and Intermediate Ring Road
... The IRR forms an important link for the Information Technology Corridor, which extends through Whitefield - Airport Road - Koramangala - Hi Tech City (proposed) and finally ... companies in IT industry have their offices in the "Embassy Golf Links" just off the IRR ... A big flyover has been constructed at the Domlur Junction of the IRR ...
Ambalavaner Sivanandan - At The Institute of Race Relations
... In 1972, following an internal struggle at IRR (in which Sivanandan was a principal organiser) with staff and members on one side and the Management Board on the other, over the type of research the ... In 1974 he was appointed editor of the IRR’s journal Race, which was renamed Race Class ... IRR is best known for its quarterly journal Race and Class, which was extremely important in terms of developing an indigenous British anti-racist movement and is one ...
Marine Corps Mobilization Command - Synopsis of IRR Obligations - Reserve Contractual Service Requirements
... in good standing must re-enlist to remain in the IRR past their 8-year MSO ... identification card and are eligible for involuntary recall to Active Duty—although most IRR members are not recalled while in their first or last year in the IRR ...
Institute For Religious Research
... IRR is a member of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions and was headed until his death in 2007 by Luke P ... DaVinci Code, the Baptist Press (Southern Baptist Convention) noted IRR's Ronald V ... IRR's current staff includes Robert M ...