• (adj): Serving to open or begin.
    Example: "Began the slide show with some introductory remarks"
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Some articles on introductory:

MIT Physics Department - Academics - Undergraduate Academics - Introductory Physics
... are required to take two semesters of introductory physics (or receive equivalent transfer credit) ... of sophistication 8.01, 8.02 The standard introductory courses, intended to give science and engineering majors a solid grounding in introductory physics ...
The Will To Believe - The Lecture
... James' "The Will to Believe" consists of introductory remarks followed by ten numbered but not titled sections ... In his introductory remarks, James characterizes his lecture by stating that he had "brought with me tonight an essay in justification of faith, a defense of our right to adopt a ... The Will to Believe", accordingly, is the title of my paper." At the end of his introductory remarks, James leads into his first section by stating that he "must begin by setting up some technical ...
Advaita Vedanta - Texts - Introductory Texts
... Introductory texts from the Advaita Vedanta tradition include Ashtavakra Samhita (pre-Sankara), with traces of Advaitism ... Tattvabodha (Shankara), an introductory text explaining the terminologies used in Advaita Vedanta ...
The Modern Corporation And Private Property (book) - Introductory
... "What contribution do they make, entitling them to heirship of half the profits of the industrial system, receivable partly in the form of dividends, and partly in the form of increased market values resulting from undistributed corporate gains? Stockholders toil not, neither do they spin, to earn that reward ... They are beneficiaries by position only ...

More definitions of "introductory":

  • (adj): Serving as a base or starting point.
    Example: "An introductory art course"
    Synonyms: basic