Interspecies may refer to:

  • Interspecific, something occurring between species
  • An organization founded by Jim Nollman

Other articles related to "interspecies":

Interspecies Communication - Mutualism
... Cooperative interspecies communication implies the sharing and understanding of information from two or more species that work towards the benefit of both species (mutualism) ... and Coss (2000) found that age and interspecies experience were important factors in the ability for bonnet macaques to recognize heterospecific calls ... Therefore, interspecies communication may not be an innate ability but rather a sort of imprinting that may have to be coupled with an intense emotion (fear) early in life ...
Animal Sexual Behaviour - Other Evidence of Interspecies Sexual Activity
... human evolution tends to confirm that in some cases, interspecies sexual activity may have been responsible for the evolution of entire new species ... provides strong evidence that after humans had diverged from other apes, interspecies mating nonetheless occurred regularly enough to change certain ...
Interspecies Communication
... Interspecies communication is communication between different species of animals, plants, fungi or bacteria ... Interspecies communication research in the sciences and the arts has produced results, giving hope that we may someday be able to communicate with certain animals on an advanced level ... titled Essay Concerning Human Understanding, which was a bi-directional, interspecies sonic installation in which he set up a two-way dialogue between a Philodendron ...