Internal Carotid Artery

Internal Carotid Artery

In human anatomy, the internal carotid arteries are two major arteries, one on each side of the head and neck. They arise from the common carotid arteries where these bifurcate into the internal and external carotid artery, and they supply the brain.

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Mediastinal Branches Of Thoracic Part Of Aorta
... chest (TA A12.2.01–04,11, GA 6.598) Pulmonary Right pulmonary artery Left pulmonary artery (Ligamentum arteriosum) Coronary Right coronary SA nodal AV nodal Atrial Right marginal Posterior interventricular Left ...
Cavernous Sinus - Contents
... The internal carotid artery (carotid siphon), and cranial nerves III, IV, V (branches V1 and V2) and VI all pass through this blood filled space ... channels, the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses, ultimately into the internal jugular vein via the sigmoid sinus ... wall of the cavernous sinus rather, it runs through the middle of the sinus alongside the internal carotid artery ...
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... Side view Internal carotid artery Horizontal section through left ear upper half of section Auditory tube, laid open by a cut in its long axis Muscles of the pharynx, viewed from behind, together with the associated ... from behind Human brain dura mater (reflections) Magnetic Resonance Angiography Internal carotid artery Internal carotid artery Internal carotid artery ...
Petrous Portion Of The Internal Carotid Artery
... Petrous portion of the internal carotid artery (or petrous segment).—When the internal carotid artery enters the canal in the petrous portion of the temporal bone, it first ... The artery lies at first in front of the cochlea and tympanic cavity from the latter cavity it is separated by a thin, bony lamella, which is cribriform ... this bony plate is more or less deficient, and then the ganglion is separated from the artery by fibrous membrane ...
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... Artery Internal carotid artery Thrombi at the split of the internal carotid artery in the neck may cause watershed infarcts between the territories of the anterior ... The resulting watershed infarcts in carotid artery blockages have mostly been considered to be due to a reduced blood flow, similar to that of hypotension ... Imaging studies in severe internal carotid artery (ICA) disease report an incidence of watershed stroke ranging from 19% to 64% ...

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