Intercostal Nerves - The 1st Thoracic Nerve

The 1st Thoracic Nerve

The anterior division of the first thoracic nerve divides into two branches: one, the larger, leaves the thorax in front of the neck of the first rib, and enters the brachial plexus; the other and smaller branch, the first intercostal nerve, runs along the first intercostal space, and ends on the front of the chest as the first anterior cutaneous branch of the thorax.

Occasionally this anterior cutaneous branch is missing.

The first intercostal nerve rarely gives off a lateral cutaneous branch; but sometimes sends a small branch to communicate with the intercostobrachial.

From the second thoracic nerve it frequently receives a connecting twig, which ascends over the neck of the second rib. This nerve was first described by Kuntz in 1927. There is considerable anatomic variation, but Kuntz nerve may be present in 40-80% of the population.

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