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Languages Of Northern Ireland - Native Languages and Dialects - Living - Insular Celtic
... Further information Insular Celtic languages Brythonic languages Cornish Welsh Goidelic languages Irish Ulster Irish Scottish Gaelic ...
Atlantic (Semitic) Languages - Theory and Lines of Argumentation
... They left a superstratum in the Germanic languages and a substratum in the development of Insular Celtic ... and structure of Germanic and the structure of Insular Celtic ... The idea that there is a connection between Insular Celtic and Afroasiatic goes back to John Davies (1632) ...
Continental Celtic Languages - Use of Term
... The modern term Continental Celtic is used in contrast to Insular Celtic ... While many researchers agree that Insular Celtic is a distinct branch of Celtic (Cowgill 1975 McCone 1991, 1992 Schrijver 1995), having undergone common linguistic innovations, there is no evidence that the ... Instead, the term Continental Celtic is polyphyletic and refers simply to non-Insular Celtic languages ...

Famous quotes containing the words celtic and/or insular:

    I find very reasonable the Celtic belief that the souls of our dearly departed are trapped in some inferior being, in an animal, a plant, an inanimate object, indeed lost to us until the day, which for some never arrives, when we find that we pass near the tree, or come to possess the object which is their prison. Then they quiver, call us, and as soon as we have recognized them, the spell is broken. Freed by us, they have vanquished death and return to live with us.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    They are a curious mixture of Spanish tradition, American imitation, and insular limitation. This explains why they never catch on to themselves.
    Helen Lawrenson (1904–1982)