Instrumental Temperature Record

The instrumental temperature record shows fluctuations of the temperature of the global land surface and oceans. This data is collected from several thousand meteorological stations, Antarctic research stations and satellite observations of sea-surface temperature. Currently, the longest-running temperature record is the Central England temperature data series, that starts in 1659. The longest-running quasi-global record starts in 1850.

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Global Warming Controversy - Mainstream Scientific Position, and Challenges To It - On The Reliability of Temperature Records - Instrumental Temperature Record
... have questioned the accuracy of the instrumental temperature record on the basis of the urban heat island effect, the quality of the surface station network and what they view as unwarranted ... Weather stations that are used to compute global temperature records are not evenly distributed over the planet ... due to increased heat generated by cities, rather than a global temperature rise ...
Instrumental Temperature Record - Warmest Decades
... Numerous cycles have been found to influence annual global mean temperatures ... An examination of the average global temperature changes by decades reveals continuing climate change ... combined land-surface air and sea-surface water temperature anomalies ...

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