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Instapundit frequently covers the War on Terrorism from a supportive-but-critical viewpoint. Other common topics are technology (such as nanotechnology), space exploration, human longevity, digital photography, individual liberty and Gun politics, domestic policy, the media, and the blogosphere as a social phenomenon. Reynolds has also lent his support to the Porkbusters campaign, which exposes and roots out misallocation of Federal funds.

Much of Instapundit's content consists of links to other sites, often with brief comments. (His frequent use of "heh," "indeed," and "read the whole thing" have been widely imitated and are often parodied by other bloggers.) Reynolds encourages readers to explore the wider blogosphere and to fully read articles and posts to which he links. Since 2005, Reynolds has at times added original video reports, shot documentary-style, to the site. He covered the 2005 BlogNashville convention using video he shot himself. In January 2006, Reynolds began to host podcasts from Instapundit, along with his wife Dr. Helen Smith (who hosted discussion of the podcasts on her blog, "Dr. Helen"). The blogcasts have now given way to a video series on PajamasMedia called InstaVision, which Reynolds hosts individually (his wife contributes to PJM as well, but usually as a separate blogger).

Reynolds aggressively promotes the idea that bloggers, using now widely available tools such as digital audio and video, will eventually force established news media to adapt a more agile approach to providing information, though he does not believe "that blogs will replace Big Media".

Because of the blog's popularity, an Instapundit link to another site can cause the traffic of that site to spike. Such an increase is often referred to as an Instalanche, or 'Lanche, a portmanteau for "Instapundit avalanche". (See the Slashdot effect for a similar phenomenon.)

In 2007, network theory researchers who studied blogs as a test case found that Instapundit was the #1 blog for "quickly know about important stories that propagate over the blogosphere".

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