Instant Replay

Instant replay is the replaying of video footage of an event or incident very soon (or even immediately) after it has occurred. In television broadcasting of sports events, instant replay is often used during live broadcast, to show a passage of play which was important or remarkable, or which was unclear on first sight.

Some sports organizations allow referees or other officials to consult replay footage before making or revising a decision about an unclear or dubious play. This is variously called video referee, video umpire, instant replay official, television match official or third umpire. Other associations allow video evidence only after the end of the contest, for example to penalize a player for misconduct not noticed by the officials during play.

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Instant Replay - Use By Officials - Association Football
... made or changed decisions on the advice of a fourth official who had seen the in-stadium replay of an incident ... It has been said that instant replay is needed given the difficulty of tracking the activities of 22 players on such a large field, FIFA officials approached researchers ... Opponents of instant replay like FIFA President Sepp Blatter argue that refereeing mistakes add to the "fascination and popularity of football." It has been proposed that ...
Mike Renfro - NFL Career - Houston Oilers
... for the Houston Oilers to tie, but after the officials huddled together (instant replay did not exist at this time), the catch was ruled incomplete and the Steelers would go on to ... Replays clearly show that Renfro did get both feet inbounds with control of the football ... Challenges based on instant replay would not become a part of the NFL rules until years later ...
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... and wrote Instant Replay, one of the first multimedia tools for personal computers ... Instant Replay combined software demos with photos and audio for distribution on floppy diskettes ... Instant Replay was used by thousands of large companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Novel, and competed for years with Dan Bricklin’s Demo Maker ...
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... A few other conference coaches had lobbied for instant replay before, but they had fallen on deaf ears until Joe Paterno, who had been against instant replay citing the length of games as a ... during the 2003 season to evaluate the use of instant replay ... season, the Big Ten introduced college football's first instant replay system ...
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... second year in the NFL, he was involved in an instant replay decision during a 1989 NFL season game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers ... It would become known in NFL lore as "The Instant Replay Game" ... The play was reviewed by the replay official, Bill Parkinson ...

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