Goal Line

In many outdoor ball sports, goal line refers to the line which a team is attempting to advance the ball or puck towards. In particular, see

  • Association football pitch for usage of the term in soccer
  • ESPN Goal Line, television show that gives live looks at multiple college football games
  • Goal line (American football) for usage in American and Canadian football
  • Goal line (ice hockey) for usage in ice hockey.
  • Goal line, for usage in rugby league football, also called try-line

Other articles related to "goal line, lines, line, goal":

List Of Formations In American Football - Defensive Formations - Goal Line Defense
... Defense used on the goal line or in short yardage situations where the entire defense lines up close to the line of scrimmage in an attempt to stop an expected running ... It is usually used to counter a Goal Line offense ... defenses may be forced to keep their defensive backs in goal-line situations, weakening their ability to stop the run ...
Comparison Of American Football And Rugby Union - The Field - Lines - Major Interior Lines
... In both rugby and American football all the major interior lines run transversely across the playing area ... field of play and a scoring zone in both sports is called the goal line (though sometimes it is incorrectly referred to as the try line in rugby union) ... The playing field of rugby is divided into halves by a half way line, an American football field has a 50 yard line which is sometimes referred to as the midfield line ...
Scrum (rugby Union) - Awarding
... happens when the attacking team is close to the opposition's goal-line, and wants to occupy all the opposition's forwards in one area to give the backs more space ... think they can force the scrum over the goal-line and score a "pushover" try ... A pushover try can occur the instant the ball touches the goal line ...
Ghost Goal
... A ghost goal, also known as a phantom goal, is a term used in association football to describe a questionable decision, usually involving incertitude or controversy as to whether or ... A ghost goal can be awarded without the ball ever crossing the goal-line and, conversely, it can also be awarded when the ball crosses the goal-line unseen by the referee ...

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