Installation may refer to:

  • Installation (computer programs)
  • Installation, work of installation art
  • Installation, military base

Other articles related to "installation, installations":

Cable Management
... Cable management refers to an important step during the installation of building services (i.e ... electrical services) and the subsequent installation of equipment providing means to tidily secure electrical, data, and other cables ... management of the cables through the lifetime of the installation easier ...
Capp Street Project - Some Past Capp Street Artists and Their Projects
... critic Kenneth Baker called Seator's installation "one of the great gallery shows in this city's history." Seator's large-scale architectural installations have won ... The installation was featured on the cover of Artforum, a career-making event for the artist ... Viola's installation Sanctuary combined video, earth, and redwood trees to create an urban refuge ...
Arne Quinze - Installation Art
... His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersby confronted with his sculptures ... Quinze sees his installations as places where people meet each other again and start conversations ... (2008) are two of his giant wooden public art installations in the centre of Brussels, Belgium ...
Moji (extension) - Installation
... Automatic installation of the extension is possible online using Firefox's or Thunderbird's Add-ons tool or Moji's own automatic tool ... Using Moji requires the installation of the Moji extension itself and of at least two dictionaries (a word dictionary and a kanji dictionary) ... Automatic installation requires JavaScript, but all necessary files can be downloaded and installed manually ...