Insecta Britannica Diptera

Insecta Britannica Diptera is a seminal work of entomology by Francis Walker. The most important part of the work was written jointly with Alexander Henry Haliday. It is the synonyma and the synoptic table Talk:Insecta Britannica Diptera.The manuscripts relating to Haliday's contribution are in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

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... Meigen's Nouvelle classification des mouches à deux aile (New classification of the Diptera) commenced in the first year of the century ... families Asilidae, Muscidae, Syrphidae and Tabanidae (Diptera) as supra generic and erected the insect orders Parasita, Perliarae, Megaloptera and Panorpatae ... Adrian Hardy Haworth Lepidoptera Britannica (1803–1828) published ...
The Dating of Insecta Britannica Diptera
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