• (adj): Drawn into the lungs; breathed in.
    Example: "Inhaled smoke can damage the lungs"

Some articles on inhaled:

... From the mouth or nose, inhaled air passes through the pharynx into the trachea, where it separates into the left and right main bronchi at the carina, situated at the level of the second thoracic vertebra ... Inhaled particles adhere to mucus secreted by goblet cells, which is continuously driven outwards by the cilia ... promote prophylaxis and prevent infection and contamination, by engulfing bacteria and other inhaled particles ...
Spots (cannabis)
... the spot is compressed between the two blades, and the subsequent smoke is inhaled and sometimes inhaled through the nose ... is often, but not always, used to funnel the smoke and maximize the amount inhaled ...
Smoking - Physiology
... the sulphate derivative that is most commonly inhaled through the nose, though purer free base forms of substances can, but often require considerable skill in administering the drug ... since not all of the smoke will be inhaled ... The inhaled substances trigger chemical reactions in nerve endings in the brain due to being similar to naturally occurring substances such as endorphins and dopamine, which are associated with ...
Insulin Therapy - Modes of Administration - Inhalation
... Inhaled insulin claimed to have similar efficacy to injected insulin, both in terms of controlling glucose levels and blood half-life ... Currently, inhaled insulin is short acting and is typically taken before meals an injection of long-acting insulin at night is often still required ... When patients were switched from injected to inhaled insulin, no significant difference was observed in HbA1c levels over three months ...
Modroc - Safety Issues
... powdered silica or asbestos may present health hazards if inhaled ... Asbestos is a known irritant when inhaled in powder form can cause cancer, especially in people who smoke, and inhalation can also cause asbestosis ... Inhaled silica can cause silicosis and (in very rare cases) can encourage the development of cancer ...

Famous quotes containing the word inhaled:

    Tilting up his nose,
    He inhaled the rancid rosin, burly smells
    Of dampened lumber, emanations blown
    From warehouse doors, the gustiness of ropes,
    Decays of sacks, and all the arrant stinks
    That helped him round his rude ├Žsthetic out.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)