Information Exchange

Information exchange is an informal term that can either refer to bidirectional information transmission/information transfer in telecommunications and computer science or communication seen from a system-theoretic or information-theoretic point of view. Information exchange is also used to describe the process of learning and the efficiency of the learning.

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... The Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem (TADIXS) has entered its fourth phase of development and is likely to replace the Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System (OTCIXS) ... Just as with the OTCIXS the system it is designed to allow the exchange of tactical information between commanders using the Global Command and Control System-Maritime (GCCS-M) ... This information exchange improves the overall situational awareness of tactical commanders in the field and strategic commanders at command and control centers ...
Sector Commander - Captain of The Port - History - Port State Control
... To facilitate information exchange, the Coast Guard developed the Maritime Information Exchange and Port State Information Exchange systems to share vital safety ... The results of safety inspections and ship specific information are still recorded and made public in these systems ... This transparency of information helps to ensure that as many ships as possible are inspected while at the same time prevents ships from being delayed by unnecessary, redundant inspections ...
Multilateral Interoperability Programme - JC3IEDM
... The Joint Command, Control and Consultation Information Exchange Data Model is first and foremost an information exchange data model ... The model can also serve as a coherent basis for other information exchange mechanisms, such as message formats, currently lacking a unified information structure ... JC3IEDM is intended to represent the core of the data identified for exchange across multiple functional areas and multiple views of the requirements ...
JC3IEDM - The Joint C3 Information Exchange Data Model
... JC3IEDM a fully documented standard for an information exchange data model for the sharing of C2 information ... The overall aim of JC3IEDM is to enable "international interoperability of C2 information systems at all levels from corps to battalion (or lowest appropriate level) in order to support multinational (including ... of interest is free to expand its own data dictionary to accommodate its additional information exchange requirements with the understanding that the added specifications ...

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