Inferior Nasal Concha

The inferior nasal concha (inferior turbinated bone) is one of the turbinates in the nose. It extends horizontally along the lateral wall of the nasal cavity and consists of a lamina of spongy bone, curled upon itself like a scroll. Each inferior nasal concha is considered a facial pair of bones since they arise from the maxillae bones and projects horizontally into the nasal cavity. They are also termed 'inferior nasal turbinates' because they function similar to that of a turbine. As the air passes through the turbinates, the air is churned against these mucosa-lined bones in order to receive warmth, moisture and cleansing. Superior to inferior nasal concha are the middle nasal concha and superior nasal concha which arise from the cranial portion of the skull. Hence, these two are considered as a part of the cranial bones.

It has two surfaces, two borders, and two extremities.

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