Indiana Invaders Soccer Complex

The Indiana Invaders Soccer Complex is located in South Bend, Indiana. The complex includes many soccer fields, but is most commonly known for the soccer-specific stadium that the Indiana Invaders use, including the Invaders in the W-League, USL Premier Development League, and the Super Y-League. Every once in a while at the complex, high school football games would be played on campus, but its primary use is for soccer. The main stadium seats 4,985 spectators, with average crowds around 2,500.

Current stadiums in the USL Premier Development League Great Lakes Division
  • Toyota Park (Chicago Fire Premier)
  • Town and Country Sports Club (Cincinnati Kings)
  • Coughlin Field (Cleveland Internationals)
  • North London Stadium (Forest City London)
  • Hefner Stadium (Fort Wayne Fever)
  • Indiana Invaders Soccer Complex (Indiana Invaders)
  • Mayors Riverfront Stadium (Kalamazoo Outrage)
  • Ultimate Soccer Arenas (Michigan Bucks)
  • Centennial Park Stadium (Toronto Lynx)

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