Ideal Functionality

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Universal Composability - Communication Model - More Advanced Channels
... are very different, the modeling of such channels using ideal functionalities is analogous ... Ideal anonymous channel In an ideal anonymous channel, the ideal functionality, takes a message from a party with identity as input, and outputs the same ... Ideal pseudonymous channel In an ideal pseudonymous channel, the participating parties first register unique pseudonyms with the ideal functionality ...
Universal Composability - Communication Model
... as confidentiality, authenticity, synchronization, or anonymity are modeled using their own ideal functionality ... An ideal communication functionality takes a message as input and produce a message as output ... through the (limited) capacity of the adversary to interact with this ideal functionality ...
Universal Composability - Ideal Functionality
... An ideal functionality is a protocol in which a trusted party that can communicate over perfectly secure channels with all protocol participants computes the desired protocol outcome ... make use of such a trusted party fulfils an ideal functionality, if the protocol can emulate the behaviour of the trusted party for honest users, and if the view that an adversary learns by attacking the ...

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