Ichabod Crane

Ichabod Crane is a fictional character and the main protagonist in Washington Irving's short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, first published in 1820.

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - Film and Television Variations
... a silent version directed by Edward Venturini, and starring Will Rogers as Ichabod Crane ... The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr ... movie on NBC filmed in Utah, starring Jeff Goldblum as Ichabod Crane, Meg Foster as Katrina, and Dick Butkus as Brahm Bones ...
Ichabod Crane - Adaptations in Other Media
... Constable Ichabod Crane is a fictional character from the movie Sleepy Hollow, played by Johnny Depp ... Ichabod's most notable traits in the movie include an ahead-of-his-time liking for post-mortem examinations and scientific methods, as well as his being ... It is Ichabod who finally banishes the Hessian Headless Horseman (Christopher Walken) to Hell and sends Lady van Tassel (Miranda Richardson), the woman who has been ...
The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad - Directing Animators
... Toad, Rat, Mole, Cyril, Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassel ) Ollie Johnston (Mr ... Toad, Rat, Mole, Cyril, Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassel, Trial Scene) John Lounsbery (Ichabod Crane) Wolfgang Reitherman ( The Weasels and Headless ... Toad, Ichabod Crane) ...
List Of Fables Characters - Villains - Ichabod Crane
... Ichabod Crane's main appearance is in Cinderella Libertine, where it is revealed that Fabletown's former Deputy Mayor lost his job after he sexually harassed Snow White and embezzled government funds ... Cindy tricked Ichabod into believing her to be a spy for the Adversary and coming to Paris with her ... Bigby then executed Crane by bashing him in the head with a headless statue of Napoleon Bonaparte ...

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