HRE is a three-letter abbreviation which may represent any of the following:

  • Harare International Airport (IATA airport code: HRE)
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Holy Roman Emperor
  • Hormone response element
  • H're people (also spelled Hrê or Hre), an ethnic minority and language of Vietnam
  • HRE, a level of the hardness of metallic materials on the Rockwell scale
  • Hypo Real Estate, a German holding company

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... or 00284-01-01284 00284-01-01284 or 00361-01-01361 77 years Johann Philipp Stadion (HRE) 01666-01-011666 01741-01-011741 75 years Wilhelm I Sayn-Wittgenstein (HRE) 01494-01-011494 01568-01-011568 74 years Fazl Ali Khan. 9693-01-01307 BC 60 years Sophie Bar (HRE) 01033-01-011033 01093-01-011093 60 years Friedrich I Salm-Blankenburg (HRE) 01210-01-011210 01270-01-011270 60 years Heinrich III Henneberg-A. 01124-01-011124 57 years Bernhard I Bentheim-Bentheim (HRE) 01364-01-011364 01421-01-011421 57 years Yi Hham Hka Kengtung (Burma) 01403-01-011403 01460-01-01146 ...
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... Hreša is a mountain village located near Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina ... Hreša is located in Istočni Stari Grad (Serbian Cyrillic Источни Стари Град), municipality in City of East Sarajevo, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina ... Hreša is the biggest place of Istočni Stari Grad (East Old Town) ...