Hox Proteins

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Hox Gene - Hox Proteins
... The products of Hox genes are Hox proteins ... Hox proteins are transcription factors, which are proteins that are capable of binding to specific nucleotide sequences on the DNA called enhancers where they either activate or ... The same Hox protein can act as a repressor at one gene and an activator at another ...
Hox Gene - Classification of Hox Proteins
... Proteins with high degree of sequence similarity are also generally assumed to exhibit a high degree of functional similarity, i.e ... Hox proteins with identical homeodomains are assumed to have identical DNA-binding properties (unless additional sequences are known to influence that) ... To identify the set of proteins between two different species that are most likely to be most similar in function, classification schemes are used ...
Hox Gene - Enhancer Sequences That Are Bound By Homeodomains
... The DNA sequence that is bound by the homeodomain protein contains the nucleotide sequence TAAT, with the 5' terminal T being the most important for ... are used to distinguish between homeodomain proteins, all of which have similar recognition sites ... is recognized by the amino acid at position 9 of the homeodomain protein ...

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