Hot Shots (dance Companies)

Hot Shots (dance Companies)

The Hot Shots is a collective name for two closely related Swedish dance companies based in Stockholm, Sweden: The Rhythm Hot Shots and the Harlem Hot Shots. The Hot Shots specialize in faithful reproductions of African-American dance scenes in American films from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Dances that they perform include Lindy Hop, Tap dance, Cakewalk, Charleston, and Black Bottom. The members of the Hot Shots are also respected dance instructors and accomplished social dancers. The goals of The Rhythm Hot Shots and the Harlem Hot Shots are the same.

On 6 May 2005, all of the current and previous members of the Hot Shots celebrated 20 years by performing "20 Years With the Hot Shots" at Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

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Hot Shots (dance Companies) - Trivia
... Hanna Zetterman grew up in Herrng,the home of the Herrng Dance Camp ... Fatima Teffahi is the first member of the HotShots whose specialty,tap dance,is not a partner dance ... The tallest member of the Harlem HotShots,Sakarias Larsson 188 cm) danceswith the shortest member,Frida Segerdahl ...

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