Horned Owl

Horned Owl

The American (North and South America) horned owls and the Old World eagle-owls make up the genus Bubo, at least as traditionally described. This genus, depending on definition, contains about one or two dozen species of typical owls (family Strigidae) and is found in many parts of the world. Some of the largest living Strigiformes are in Bubo. Traditionally, only owls with ear-tufts were included here, but that is no longer the case.

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Lesser Horned Owl
... The Lesser Horned Owl or Magellanic Horned Owl (Bubo magellanicus) is a large owl of the genus Bubo found in southern South America, extending north to the central Andes ... been classified as a subspecies of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus), but is now frequently treated as a separate species based on differences in voice and size and because of the genetic distance between the two ... The Great Horned Owl is similar but larger with stronger feet and bill, broader bars on the underparts and longer ear-tufts ...
Red-tailed Hawk - Behavior - Diet
... The Great Horned Owl occupies a similar ecological niche nocturnally to the Red-tail, taking similar prey ... Competition may occur between the Red-tailed Hawk and the Great Horned Owl during twilight, although the differing nesting season and activity times usually results in a lack of direct competition ... due in part to the scarcity of diurnal squirrels in the Owl's diet), the Great Horned Owl is an occasional predator of Red-tailed Hawks of any age, while the hawks are not known to ...
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... Late Pleistocene of Binagady, Azerbaijan) Cuban Horned Owl, Bubo osvaldoi (Late Pleistocene of Cuba) Some notable undescribed fossils of prehistoric horned owls, usually quite fragmentary remains, have also ... This fossil is from a taxon similar in size to the Great Horned Owl (B ... virginianus) or the Great Grey Owl (S ...
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... used Jake Siberian tiger, peregrine falcon, great horned owl, bat, hammerhead shark Rachel African elephant, bald eagle, great horned owl, grizzly bear, hammerhead shark Tobias Hork-Bajir (Ket Halpak ...

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    After sitting in my chamber many days, reading the poets, I have been out early on a foggy morning and heard the cry of an owl in a neighboring wood as from a nature behind the common, unexplored by science or by literature.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    ...I believed passionately that Communists were a race of horned men who divided their time equally between the burning of Nancy Drew books and the devising of a plan of nuclear attack that would land the largest and most lethal bomb squarely upon the third-grade class of Thomas Jefferson School in Morristown, New Jersey.
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