Hopf may refer to:

  • Eberhard Hopf (1902–1983), Austrian mathematician.
  • Hans Hopf (1916–1993), German tenor
  • Heinz Hopf (1894–1971), German mathematician.
  • Heinz Hopf (actor) (1934–2001), Swedish actor.
  • J. R. Hopf (1982– ), baseball player.
  • Ludwig Hopf (1884–1939), German physicist.
  • Maria Hopf (1914–), German botanist and archaeologist.
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Ludwig Hopf
... Ludwig Hopf (1884 in Nürnberg, Germany – December 21, 1939 in Dublin, Ireland) was a German theoretical physicist who made contributions to mathematics, special relativity ... Hopf studied under Arnold Sommerfeld at the University of Munich, where he received his Ph.D ... Shortly after this, at a physics conference in Salzburg, Sommerfeld introduced Hopf to Albert Einstein ...
Compact Quantum Group - Formulation
... Strictly speaking, this does not make into a Hopf algebra, unless is finite ... of G can be used to generate a *-subalgebra of which is also a Hopf *-algebra ... It follows that the *-algebra generated by for all and for all is a Hopf *-algebra the counit is determined by for all (where is the Kronecker delta), the antipode is, and the unit is given by ...
Supersymmetry As A Quantum Group - Unitary (-1)F Operator
... We have the two dimensional Hopf algebra generated by (-1)F subject to with the counit and the coproduct and the antipode Thus far, there is nothing supersymmetric ...
Braided Hopf Algebra - Radford's Biproduct
... For any braided Hopf algebra R in there exists a natural Hopf algebra which contains R as a subalgebra and H as a Hopf subalgebra ... It is called Radford's biproduct, named after its discoverer, the Hopf algebraist David Radford ...