Hong Kong Residents

Hong Kong residents (Chinese: 香港居民), also called Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. According to Hong Kong Basic Law, Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region include permanent residents and non-permanent residents. Rights of Hong Kong residents are protected by the Basic Law such as freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of religious belief.

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Nationality Law Of The People's Republic Of China - Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan - Hong Kong
... See also Right of abode issue, Hong Kong For Hong Kong residents, an interpretation of the Nationality Law was adopted at the Nineteenth Session of the Standing Committee ... The explanations concerning the implementation of the nationality of Hong Kong residents is that Hong Kong residents of Chinese descent are Chinese ... of dual nationality, and also because China regards foreign control of Hong Kong to have been illegitimate, and thus refuses to recognize the foreign nationality ...
Index Of Economic Freedom - Ratings
... The top five "free" economies identified by the 2011 index were Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland, each scoring over 80 on the ... Since the Index was created in 1995, Hong Kong has been the top performing economy ... United States dropped to 9th place behind such countries as Denmark, Canada, and first-place Hong Kong ...
Hong Kong People - Terminology - Legal Definition of Hong Kong Residents
... The Hong Kong Basic Law legally gives precise definition of Hong Kong residents ... Under Article 24 of the Basic Law, Hong Kong residents can be further classified as non-permanent or permanent residents ... Non-permanent residents are those who have the right to hold a Hong Kong Identity Card but have no right of abode ...
British Nationality Law And Hong Kong - Chinese View On Nationality of Hong Kong Residents
... Chinese nationality law has applied in Hong Kong since the handover on 1 July 1997 ... Hong Kong BDTC status ceased to exist and cannot be regained ... An interpretation for implementing PRC nationality law for Hong Kong was presented at the Nineteenth Session of the Standing Committee of the Eighth National People's Congress on 15 May 1996, a year prior to ...
Hong Kong Residents - Non-permanent Residents
... Non-permanent residents of Hong Kong are persons qualified to obtain Hong Kong Identity Cards (HKID) but have no right of abode ... of Persons Ordinance (chapter 177 of the Laws of Hong Kong), all residents of age 11 or above who are living in Hong Kong for longer than 180 days must, within 30 days of either reaching the age of 11 or arriving ... Non-permanent residents do not qualify for a Hong Kong passport but can obtain a Document of Identity if they need a travel document ...

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