Home Rule Party

The Home Rule Party may refer to:

  • Home Rule Party (Faroe Islands)
  • Home Rule Party of Hawaii
  • Home Rule Party (Iceland)
  • Home Rule League (Ireland)

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Home Rule Party Of Hawaii - Decline
... On July 10, 1902, Prince Kuhio split from the Home Rule Party, walking out of its convention along with nearly half of the delegates there ... By September 1, 1902, Kuhio decided to join the Republican Party, was nominated as their candidate for Congress, and dramatically altered the political. 4, 1902, proved to be devastating to the Home Rule Party ...
2004–05 In English Football - Diary of The Season
25 August 2004 – With a 3–0 home win over Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal sets the all-time record for consecutive unbeaten league matches at England's ... Under new Football League rules, the club is penalised 10 league points, placing the club in relegation danger ... Their survival was achieved with a 2–0 home win over Portsmouth, while Crystal Palace had been less than 10 minutes from safety when Charlton Athletic equalised against them ...
Democratic Party Of Hawaii - History - Elections of 1900
... Democrats refused the offer and Home Rule Party came to power ... But the election of 1900 was based more on animosity toward the Republican Party for dethroning the monarchy than the Home Rule Party’s functionality once in power ... Due to the extremism of the Home Rule, they were ineffective ...
Nationalist Party (Ireland) - Home Rule Party
... The Home Rule Party was set up by a group of Irish home Rule MPs' at a meeting in Dublin on 3 March 1874 to pursue the restoration of an Irish legislature ...

Famous quotes containing the words party, home and/or rule:

    It is the dissenter, the theorist, the aspirant, who is quitting this ancient domain to embark on seas of adventure, who engages our interest. Omitting then for the present all notice of the stationary class, we shall find that the movement party divides itself into two classes, the actors, and the students.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I would rather have as my patron a host of anonymous citizens digging into their own pockets for the price of a book or a magazine than a small body of enlightened and responsible men administering public funds. I would rather chance my personal vision of truth striking home here and there in the chaos of publication that exists than attempt to filter it through a few sets of official, honorably public-spirited scruples.
    John Updike (b. 1932)

    The first rule of education for me was discipline. Discipline is the keynote to learning. Discipline has been the great factor in my life. I discipline myself to do everything—getting up in the morning, walking, dancing, exercise. If you won’t have discipline, you won’t have a nation. We can’t have permissiveness. When someone comes in and says, “Oh, your room is so quiet,” I know I’ve been successful.
    Rose Hoffman, U.S. public school third-grade teacher. As quoted in Working, book 8, by Studs Terkel (1973)