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HIV Integration Mechanism - Binding of HIV Integrase To HIV DNA
... the cytoplasm of the host cell following the completion of reverse transcription of the HIV RNA into c-DNA ... integrase - most likely in the dimer form - to each end of the newly formed HIV c-DNA ... The integrase-HIV DNA complex is part of an intracellular nucleoprotein particle known as the "preintegration complex" (PIC) ...
HIV Integration Mechanism - Repair of The Gaps Formed in The Strand Transfer Process ("Gap Repair")
... Following the strand transfer process, the HIV-DNA and host DNA junctions have unpaired regions of DNA, referred to as DNA "gaps" ... at the end of the 5’ region of the viral DNA remain unpaired after the strand transfer ... The insertion of the new HIV DNA and the remaining gaps that flank the integration site induce a host cellular DNA damage response ...

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