Hittite may refer to:

  • Hittites, ancient Anatolian people
    • Hittite language, ancient Indo-European language
    • History of the Hittites
    • Hittite mythology
  • Neo-Hittite states, Iron Age successors to the Hittite people located in modern Turkey and Syria
  • Biblical Hittites, also known as the "Children of Heth"

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... representation of a language other than Sumerian, such as Akkadian or Hittite ... to represent a language other than Akkadian (such as Hittite) is known as an Akkadogram ... The readers of Assyrian or Hittite texts using these Sumerograms would not necessarily have been aware of the Sumerian language, the Sumerograms functioning as ideograms or logogram to be substituted in ...
Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating To The Old Testament - Contents
... Speiser) Hittite (Albrecht Goetze) Ugaritic (H ... Legal Texts Mesopotamia and Asia Minor Egyptian and Hittite Treaties Hittite Instructions (Albrecht Goetze) Documents from the Practice of Law Historical Texts Egyptian (John A ... Leo Oppenheim) Hittite (Albrecht Goetze) Palestinian Inscriptions (W ...
Syro-Hittite States - Inscriptions
... continue uninterrupted from the 13th-century Hittite imperial monuments to the Early Iron Age Syro-Hittite inscriptions of Karkamish, Melid, Aleppo and elsewhere ... Luwian hieroglyphs was chosen by many of the Syro-Hittite regional kingdoms for their monumental inscriptions, which often appear in bi or tri-lingual ...
Syro-Hittite States
... The states that are called Neo-Hittite, or more recently Syro-Hittite, were Luwian, Aramaic and Phoenician-speaking political entities of the Iron Age northern Syria and ... The term "Neo-Hittite" is sometimes reserved specifically for the Luwian-speaking principalities like Milid and Carchemish, although in a wider sense the broader cultural term "Syro-Hittite" is now applied to all ...