Doric may refer to:

  • Doric, of or relating to the Dorians of ancient Greece
    • Doric Greek, the dialects of the Dorians
  • Doric order, a style of ancient Greek architecture
  • Doric mode, a synonym of Dorian mode
  • Doric dialect (Scotland)
  • Doric Club, a paramilitary organization which fought against the Lower Canada Rebellion
  • Doric Park, a park located in Liverpool, England
  • Doric Organ, a 1960s Combo organ produced in Italy
  • SS Doric (1883), a British ocean liner operated by White Star Line
  • SS Doric (1923), another ship operated by White Star Line

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Ancient Greek Dialects - Classification - Ancient Classification
... the language into three gene or four dialects, Ionic proper, Ionic (Attic), Aeolic, Doric and later a fifth one, Koine ... According to Strabo, Ionic is the same as Attic and Aeolic the same as Doric - Outside the Isthmus, all Greeks were Aeolians except the Athenians, the Megarians and the Dorians who live about Parnassus - In ... characterized Boeotian as Aeolic and Aetolian as Doric ...
Doric Wilson
... Doric Wilson (February 24, 1939 – May 7, 2011) was an American playwright, director, producer, critic and gay rights activist ... He was born Alan Doric Wilson in Los Angeles, California, where his family was temporarily located ...
Doric Greek
... Doric or Dorian was a dialect of ancient Greek ... By Hellenistic times, under the Achaean League, the Achaean Doric Koine appeared exhibiting many peculiarities common to all Doric dialects and which ... It is widely accepted that Doric originated in the mountains of Epirus and Macedonia, northwestern Greece, the original seat of the Dorians ...
SS Doric
... Several vessels have been named SS Doric ... You may be looking for SS Doric (1883), a British ocean liner operated by White Star Line ... SS Doric (1923), a second British ocean liner operated by White Star Line ...
Greco-Roman World - Architecture
... There are two primary types of Greco-Roman architecture, Doric and Ionic ... Examples of Doric architecture are the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, while the Erechtheum, which is located right next to the Parthenon is Ionic ... Ionic Greco-Roman architecture tend to be more decorative than the formal Doric styles ...

Famous quotes containing the word doric:

    Odour of blood when Christ was slain
    Made all Platonic tolerance vain
    And vain all Doric discipline.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)