History of The Jews in Bessarabia

History Of The Jews In Bessarabia

The history of the Jews in Bessarabia.

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History Of The Jews In Bessarabia - Demographics
... Jews in Bessarabia Hotin County ~54,000 35,985 107 Soroca County ~31,000 29,191 124 Bălţi County ~17,000 31,695 459 Orhei County ~26,000.. ... According to the 1930 Romanian Census, Jews were distributed in Bessarabia as follows Hotin County Hotin, 5,781, Briceni-Târg, 5,354, Edineţi-Târg, 5,341 ... Total 11,390 According to the 2004 Census, there are 4,000 Jews in the Bessarabian part of Moldova (excluding Transnistria), including 2,649 in Chişinău, 411 in B ...

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