History of AEK Athens F.C.

History Of AEK Athens F.C.

AEK Athens F.C., as one of the most famous Association Football clubs in Greece, has a long, unique and idiosyncratic history, and has experienced both the highs and the lows of the game. It won its first championship in 1939 and has gone on to become one of Greece's most successful football teams.

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Read more about History Of AEK Athens F.C.:  Origin, 1924–1939, 1940–1959, 1960–1974, The František Fadrhonc Era (1974–1977), The Zlatko Čajkovski Era, Part I (1977–1978), The Ferenc Puskás Era (1978–1979), The Andreas Stamatiadis Era (1979), The Hermann Stessl Era (1979-1980), 1980–1985, The Jacek Gmoch Era (1985–1986), The Todor Veselinović Era (1987–1988), The Dušan Bajević Era, Part I (1988–1996), The Petros Ravousis Era (1996–1997), The Dumitru Dumitriu Era (1997–1998), The Dragoslav Stepanović Era (1998), The Oleg Blokhin Era (1998–1999), The Ljubiša Tumbaković Era (1999–2000), The Giannis Pathiakakis Era (2000–2001), The Toni Savevski Era (2001), The Fernando Santos Era, Part I (2001–2002), The Dušan Bajević Era, Part II (2002–2004), The Fernando Santos Era, Part II (2004–2006), The Lorenzo Serra Ferrer Era (2006–2008), The Nikos Kostenoglou Era, Part I (2008), The Giorgos Donis Era (2008), The Dušan Bajević Era, Part III (2008–2010), The Manolo Jiménez Era (2010–2011), The Nikos Kostenoglou Era, Part II (2011-12), The Vaggelis Vlachos Era (2012), The Ewald Lienen Era (2012-), Owner, Chairmam and Manager History, Stadiums, Training Facilities, Notable Stat Leaders, Transfer Records, Competition Timeline, History of Squad Numbers

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