Hiroko Kuniya

Hiroko Kuniya (国谷裕子, Kuniya Hiroko?) (born February 3, 1957) is a Japanese announcer for NHK in Japan. She comes from Osaka Prefecture and graduated from International School of the Sacred Heart in 1975 and then Brown University with majors in international relations and international economics. In 1981, she began to work as an announcer and writer for the English-language broadcasts of the television Seven O'clock News. Starting in 1986, she served as a researcher in the United States for NHK Special. Later assignments included satellite and ground network news shows, including Asia Now (1990), which was picked up in the U.S. by Public Broadcasting Service.

Since its inception in 1993, Kuniya has hosted Close-up Gendai, which NHK airs four days weekly in prime time on its ground-based general television network, satellite, and both NHK World and NHK World Premium systems.