Highway Patrol

A highway patrol is either a police unit created primarily for the purpose of overseeing and enforcing traffic safety compliance on roads and highways, or a detail within an existing local or regional police agency that is primarily concerned with such duties.

Duties of highway patrols or traffic police may include the following:

  • Accident investigation: Gathering evidence to determine the cause of a roadway accident.
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement: Enforcing highway laws related to commercial transport, including weight limits and hazardous materials rules.
  • Education: Providing public information, handouts, and displays to encourage safe driving and usage of the roads.
  • Emergency response: Securing the scene of a traffic accident by using cones and flares as well as providing first aid to the injured.
  • Law enforcement: Assisting local police in rural areas, and keeping an eye out for non-traffic violations.
  • Maintenance: Observing and reporting damage to the roadways, and conducting hasty road surveys after disasters or the passage of inclement weather.
  • Traffic enforcement: Enforcing laws and regulations intended to improve traffic safety, such as speed limits.

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