Highest Priority

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Open Shortest Path First - Designated Router
... discovery process (Hello), flooding (, DR election (priority, RID) ... is elected based on the following default criteria If the priority setting on an OSPF router is set to 0, that means it can NEVER become a DR or BDR (Backup ... The router sending the Hello packets with the highest priority wins the election ...
Murchison Widefield Array - Science
... In astronomy, the highest priority key science project is detection of red-shifted 21 cm signals from HI during the EoR, using power spectral techniques, direct detection ... In solar, heliospheric and ionospheric (SHI) research, the highest priority is characterisation of the heliospheric magneto-ionic medium via interplanetary scintillation and Faraday rotation propagation effects using ... using data collected during or in support of the two highest-priority key science projects, in part because accurate calibration of the MWA requires comprehensive characterisation of the ...
Priority Queue - Implementation - Usual Implementation
... To improve performance, priority queues typically use a heap as their backbone, giving O(log n) performance for inserts and removals, and O(n) to build initially ... that from a computational-complexity standpoint, priority queues are congruent to sorting algorithms ... sorting algorithms can create efficient priority queues ...
Time Management - Implementing Goals - Task List Organization
... To prioritize a daily task list, one either records the tasks in the order of highest priority, or assigns them a number after they are listed ("1" for highest priority, "2" for second ...

Famous quotes containing the words priority and/or highest:

    Weekend planning is a prime time to apply the Deathbed Priority Test: On your deathbed, will you wish you’d spent more prime weekend hours grocery shopping or walking in the woods with your kids?
    Louise Lague (20th century)

    How many young hearts have revealed the fact that what they had been trained to imagine the highest earthly felicity was but the beginning of care, disappointment, and sorrow, and often led to the extremity of mental and physical suffering.
    Catherine E. Beecher (1800–1878)