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Texas Constitutional Amendment Election, 2007 - Proposition 10
... amendment to abolish the constitutional authority for the office of inspector of hides and animals ... Comments by supporters No one currently holds the office of inspector of hides and animals in any Texas county ... All functions formerly performed by the inspector of hides and animals are currently being performed by other entities ...
Leather Production Processes - Tanning
... Tanning is the process that converts the protein of the raw hide or skin into a stable material which will not putrefy and is suitable for a wide variety of end applications ... The principal difference between raw hides and tanned hides is that raw hides dry out to form a hard inflexible material that can putrefy when re-wett ... The acidity of hides once they have finished pickling will typically be between pH of 2.8-3.2 ...
Bavbav - Analogies in Other Cultures - Butzemann
... inhuman or rather paranormal creature, which carries children away and hides in the dark corners under the bed or in the closet ... It hides under the bed and grabs children who will not sleep ... He hides under the bed or in the closet ...
Clothing In Ancient Rome - Fabrics - Hides, Leather, and Skins
... tanning, one of which was mineral tanning, or "tawing" – making hide into leather without the use of tanning, especially by soaking it in a solution of alum and ...
Carved Stone Balls - Function
... Another possible use for the stones would be in the working of hides ... Into the 20th Century leatherworkers would polish leather, parchment, and hides, by tying the skins to a frame using a ball at each corner of the hide then ... The corners of the hides were wrapped around the balls which allowed the bindings to hold fast without slipping off ...

Famous quotes containing the word hides:

    Humility is the sure evidence of Christian virtues. Without it, we retain all our faults still, and they are only covered over with pride, which hides them from other men’s observation, and sometimes from our own too.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    What one hides is worth neither more nor less than what one finds. And what one hides from oneself is worth neither more nor less than what one allows others to find.
    André Breton (1896–1966)

    An actor rides in a bus or railroad train; he sees a movement and applies it to a new role. A woman in agony of spirit might turn her head just so; a man in deep humiliation probably would wring his hands in such a way. From straws like these, drawn from completely different sources, the fabric of a character may be built. The whole garment in which the actor hides himself is made of small externals of observation fitted to his conception of a role.
    Eleanor Robson Belmont (1878–1979)