Hero of Belarus

Hero of Belarus (Belarusian: Герой Беларусi; Łacinka: Hieroj Biełarusi; Russian: Герой Беларуси, transliterated Geroy Belarusi) is the highest title that can be bestowed on a citizen of Belarus. The title is awarded to those "who perform great deeds in the name of freedom, independence and prosperity of the Republic of Belarus". The deed can be for military performance, economic performance or great service to the State and society. The design of the medal is similar to that of its predecessor, Hero of the Soviet Union. Similar titles to the Hero of Belarus include the Russian Hero of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian Hero of Ukraine. Since its creation, the title has been awarded to ten people.

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Hero Of Belarus - In Culture
... the white text below the medal, it says "Hero of Belarus, Uładzimir Mikalaevič Karvat, (28.11.1958 – 23.05.1996)" ... The hero title was also featured in a set of stamps released by BELPOST in December 2006, depicting the state awards of Belarus ... wreaths and the text "National Decorations of the Republic of Belarus" written in the Belarusian language ...

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