Henry Cogswell College

Henry Cogswell College was an institution of higher learning located in Kirkland and Everett, Washington between 1979 and 2006. The college offered bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration|leadership, computer science, digital arts, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering technology, and professional management. It was named after temperance movement crusader Henry D. Cogswell.

Henry Cogswell College was founded in 1979 in Kirkland, Washington as Cogswell College North (at the time, an affiliate of Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, California), largely to provide engineering education to local Boeing employees. The school moved to Everett near one of Boeing's largest plants in 1996. Then for a short time after the move, some classes were also held at a Boeing facility in south Puget Sound (about 30 miles from Everett) to accommodate currently-enrolled students living in that area. Limited classes continued to be offered at the Boeing facility even after the main campus moved to Everett. The institution closed in August, 2006 due to "financial crisis."

Cogswell also provided distance learning for both bachelor and master's degrees in business; a program primarily tailored to deployed military personnel and to military personnel and veterans living outside the region. As a self-proclaimed "veteran friendly institution", it served many active military personnel, military civilian employees and military family members from nearby military installations and surrounding communities attending classes.

The partnership with Boeing also included many National Guard members and reservists, former and retired military personnel employed by Boeing who attended Cogswell courses that could accommodate the work schedules of full-time Boeing employees who were seeking educational advancement.

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