Helvetic can refer to:

  • "Helvetia", the Latin name for Switzerland;
  • Helvetii, Celtic tribes inhabiting this region during the Roman empire;
  • the Helvetic Republic, the precursor of the state of Switzerland;
  • the Helvetic zone, a geologic zone in the Alps;
  • Helvetic Airways, a Swiss airline.

Other articles related to "helvetic":

Helvetic (geology) - Occurrence
... In Switzerland the Helvetic zone is found in outcrops on the northern side of the Alpine mountain ranges ... The French Alps consist mainly of Helvetic (Dauphinois) material ... In Germany and Austria the Helvetic nappes crop out as a narrow band ...
Helvetic Republic - Constitution
... Before the advent of the Helvetic Republic, each individual canton had exercised complete sovereignty over its own territory or territories ... The constitution of the Helvetic Republic came mainly from the design of Peter Ochs, a magistrate from Basel ... written into the municipal laws of the Helvetic Republic, is still valid today ...
... Stecklikrieg (Stäcklichrieg) of 1802 resulted in the collapse of the Helvetic Republic, the renewed French occupation of Switzerland and ultimately the Act of Mediation dictated ... federalist insurgents, mostly of the rural population, and the official Helvetic Republic ... After several hostile clashes with the official forces of the Helvetic Republic, which were lacking both in equipment and motivation (Renggpass at Pilatus on 28 August, artillery attacks on Bern ...
Helvetic Nappes
... The Helvetic nappes (German Helvetische Decken) are a series of nappes in the Northern part of the Alps and part of the Helvetic zone ...