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Scala (programming Language) - Examples - "Hello World" Example
... Here is the classic Hello World program written in Scala object HelloWorld extends App { println("Hello, World!") } Unlike the stand-alone Hello World ... With the program saved in a file named HelloWorld.scala, it can be compiled from the command line $ scalac HelloWorld.scala $ scala HelloWorld ...
Sample "Hello World" Programs - Delphi and Free Pascal's Object Pascal
... class procedure Put end procedure THelloWorld.Put begin Writeln('Hello, World!') end var HelloWorld THelloWorld { this is an implicit pointer } begin ...
Classpath (Java) - Setting The Path To Execute Java Programs - Basic Usage
... Suppose we have a package called org.mypackage containing the classes HelloWorld (main class) SupportClass UtilClass and the files defining this package are stored physically ... org\
Java Native Interface - Examples - HelloWorld
... javac HelloWorld.java javah HelloWorld gcc -I${JAVA_HOME}/include -shared libHelloWorld.c -o libHelloWorld.so java HelloWorld HelloWorld.java class HelloWorld { private ...