Hejazi Arabic

Hijazi Arabic (Arabic: حجازي‎) (also known as Hejazi Arabic, West Arabian Arabic) is a variety of the Arabic language spoken in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Although, strictly speaking, there are two distinct dialects spoken in the Hejaz region, one by the bedouin and rural tribes, and another by the urban population, the term most often applies to the urban variety, spoken in cities such as Jeddah, Mecca, Yanbu, and Medina. Outside of Arabia, Urban Hejazi appears to be most closely related to the Arabic dialects of Northern Sudan and Upper Egypt (Ingham 1971).

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Hejazi Arabic - Bedouin Hejazi Dialects
... The varieties of Arabic spoken by the bedouin tribes of the Hejaz region are relatively under-studied ... those of neighboring Nejd, than to those of the Hejazi cities ... The dialects of northern Hejazi tribes merge into those of Jordan and Sinai, while the dialects in the south merge with those of 'Asir and Nejd ...