Heichinrou - Historical Background - Tatsuo Hayashi and Chinatown

Tatsuo Hayashi and Chinatown

Tatsuo Hayashi (name before naturalization, Pang Zhu Chen, 龐柱琛), not only rebuilt Heichinrou but also was the founder of Manchinrou (萬珍楼). Furthermore, Tatsuo Hayashi was a respected leader playing a major role in the Yokohama Chinatown. He successfully built the 15 meter high “Chinatown” tower gate (Pai Lau 牌楼) with support of the Yokohama government and the people of Chinatown. It was a significant step towards the development of Yokohama Chinatown. Since then, the reputation of Yokohama’s Chinatown has grown throughout Japan and the world. Tatsuo Hayashi died in the November of 1976. During his lifetime, he was one of the most devoted and critical members of Chinatown, widely respected as an honorable leader of the Chinese immigrants in Japan.

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