Hébert or Hebert is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Anne Hébert, Canadian author and poet
  • Bobby Hebert, National Football League player
  • Chantal Hébert, Canadian political commentator
  • Chris Hebert, American actress
  • Edmond Hébert, French geologist
  • Ernest Hébert, French painter
  • Felix Hebert, United States Senator from Rhode Island
  • Felix Edward Hébert, member of the United States House of Representatives from Louisiana
  • Georges Hébert a French physical education practitioner, theorist and instructor.
  • Guy Hebert, National Hockey League player
  • Jacques Hébert, French Revolution figure
  • Jacques Hébert (Canadian politician)
  • Jay Hebert, American golfer
  • Jean-Pierre Hébert, American artist
  • Kyle Hebert, American voice actor
  • Kyries Hebert, American football player
  • Lionel Hebert, American golfer
  • Louis Hébert, early Quebec farmer
  • Paul D.N. Hebert, Canadian biologist
  • Paul M. Hebert, judge at the Nuremberg Tribunals
  • Paul Octave Hebert, governor of Louisiana
  • Pierre-Eugène-Emile Hébert, French sculptor
  • Sammy Hebert, Canadian hockey player
  • Scott P. Hebert, Six time winner of the Michigan Open Golf Tournament
  • Thomas-Joachim Hébert, French marchand-mercier

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