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AF INET - Header Files
... The Berkeley socket interface is defined in several header files ... The names and content of these files differ slightly between implementations ...
Precompiled Header - Rationale
... In the C and C++ programming languages, a header file is a file whose text may be automatically included in another source file by the C preprocessor by the use of a preprocessor ... Header files can sometimes contain very large amounts of source code (for instance, the header files windows.h and Cocoa/Cocoa.h on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, respectively) ... This is especially true with the advent of large "header" libraries that make extensive use of templates, like the Eigen math library and Boost C++ libraries ...
Precompiled Header - Common Implementations - C++Builder
... compiler implicitly generates precompiled headers for all headers included by a source module until the line #pragma hdrstop is found ... Precompiled headers are shared for all modules of the project if possible ... For example, when working with the Visual Component Library, it is common to include the vcl.h header first which contains most of the commonly used VCL header files ...

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