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Sender ID - Principles of Operation
... Sender ID tries to improve on a principal deficiency in SPF that SPF does not verify the header addresses that indicates the sending party ... Such header addresses are typically displayed to the user and are used to reply to emails ... Indeed such header addresses can be different from the address that SPF tries to verify that is, SPF verifies only the "MAIL FROM" address, also called the envelope sender ...
Chunked Transfer Encoding - Applicability
... even if not listed in the TE request header field, and when used with other transfer mechanisms, should always be applied last to the transferred data and never more than one time ... transfer coding method also allows additional entity header fields to be sent after the last chunk if the client specified the "trailers" parameter as an argument of the TE field ... the "trailers" option in the TE request field, but only if the metadata is optional (i.e ...
List Of HTTP Header Fields - Effects of Selected HTTP Header Fields - Avoiding Caching
... This header field is part of HTTP version 1.1, and is ignored by some caches and browsers ... It may be simulated by setting the Expires HTTP version 1.0 header field value to a time earlier than the response time ... The header field Cache-Control no-store is intended to instruct a browser application to make a best effort not to write it to disk (i.e not to cache it) ...

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