Hata Model

The term Hata Model refers to a radio propagation model that is based on the Okumura Model. It is turn has developed separate models for varying environments:

  • Hata Model for Urban Areas
  • Hata Model for Suburban Areas
  • Hata Model for Open Areas

There are more specific models for special uses. For example the COST Hata model, an urban HataModel, was developed by the COopération européenne dans le domaine de la recherche Scientifique et Technique.

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... The COST-Hata-Model is a radio propagation model that extends the urban Hata Model (which in turn is based on the Okumura Model) to cover a more ... It is the most often cited of the COST 231 models (EU funded research project ca ... April 1986 - April 1996), also called the Hata Model PCS Extension ...
COST 231 Model - Points To Note
... working committee to develop an extended version of the Hata model ... COST-231 proposed the following formula to extend Hata's model to 2 GHz ... The proposed model for path loss is L50(urban) = 46.3 + 33.9 log fc - 13.82 log hte - a (hre) + (44.9 - 6.55 log hte) log d + Cm where a(hre) is the ...
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