Hannaford may refer to more than one thing.

  • Charles Hannaford (1896–1970), English footballer
  • Charles Edward Hannaford (1863-1955), English watercolourist
  • Clive Hannaford (1903–1967), Australian politician
  • John Hannaford (born 1949), Australian politician
  • Jule Murat Hannaford (1850–1934), American railroad businessman
  • Mark W. Hannaford (1925-1985), American politician
  • Robert Hannaford (born 1944), Australian artist
  • Ross Hannaford (born 1950), Australian musician
  • Samuel Hannaford (1835-1911), American architect
  • Ann Hannaford Lamar, American jurist
  • Hannaford, North Dakota, a town in North Dakota
  • Hannaford Bros. Co., American supermarket chain
  • Samuel Hannaford & Sons, Cincinnati-based architectural firm founded by Samuel Hannaford
  • Hannaford Aircraft, maker of the Hannaford Bee
  • Hannafordia is a genus of flowering plants native to Australia.

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Rose Parakeet - Development
... Rights to produce kits of the Parrakeet were purchased by Hannaford Aircraft in 1948, and the design was marketed as the Hannaford Bee with structural modifications to strengthen weak points ... Kits were marketed right up to the point of Hannaford founder Foster Hannaford's death in 1971, and plans continued to be sold into the 1980s ...
Smart Moves (book)
... Is Not All In Your Head was written in 1995 by neurophysiologist and educator Carla Hannaford (revised and enlarged second edition published 2005), and includes an introduction by internationally recognized ... Hannaford looks at the body's role in thinking and learning, supporting her views with scientific research from child development, physiology, and neuroscience ... Hannaford examines the ways that sensorimotor experiences effect short- and long-term memory, from infancy through adulthood, and presents the mounting scientific evidence that ...
Samuel Hannaford House
... Samuel Hannaford House is a registered historic building located at 768 Derby Avenue in Spring Grove Village, Cincinnati, Ohio ... places associated with architect Samuel Hannaford that were listed on the National Register as part of a 1978 Thematic Resource study ...
John Hannaford
... John Planta Hannaford (born 21 January 1949) is a former Australian politician ... Born in Goulburn, the son of William Henry Planta and Amy Frances Hannaford, he became a lawyer, having studied at the Australian National University in ... Hannaford was a member of the Liberal Party, having held many positions including Regional President, State Executive member, Chairman of State Convention and Chairman of the ...