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Hangeul - Letters - Unicode
... See also List of Hangul Jamo Hangul Jamo (U+1100—U+11FF) and Hangul Compatibility Jamo (U+3130—U+318F) were added to the Unicode Standard in June 1993 with the release of version ... Hangul Jamo Extended-A (U+A960—U+A97F) and Hangul Jamo Extended-B (U+D7B0—U+D7FF) were added to the Unicode Standard in October 2009 with the release of version 5.2 ... Hangul Jamo Unicode.org chart (PDF) 9 ... A B C D E F U+110x ᄀ ᄁ ᄂ ᄃ ᄄ ᄅ ᄆ ᄇ ᄈ ᄉ ᄊ ᄋ ᄌ ᄍ ᄎ ᄏ U+111x ᄐ ᄑ ᄒ ᄓ ᄔ ᄕ ᄖ ᄗ ᄘ ᄙ ᄚ ᄛ ᄜ ᄝ ᄞ ᄟ U+112x ...
Plane (Unicode) - Basic Multilingual Plane
... C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement (0080–00FF) Latin Extended-A (0100–017F) Latin Extended-B (0180–024F) IPA Extensions (0250–02AF) Spacing Modifier Letters (02B0–02FF ...

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