Handspring may refer to:

  • Handspring (company), a company that made personal digital assistants
  • Handspring (gymnastics), a gymnastics move involving forward or backward rotation of the body
  • Rising Handspring or kip-up, an acrobatic move from a supine position to a squatting position

Other articles related to "handspring":

Sabina Cojocar - Skills
... Balance beam Jump to knee mount, back handspring, back handspring, tucked full switch split leap Chen front aerial full turn salto sideward tucked back ... Floor exercise Front handspring, 2 1/2 twist round off, back handspring, double pike double twisting cat leap, hitchkick round off, back handspring, double salto backward tucked ...
Suicide (b-boy Move) - Common Suicides
... The Handspring Suicide involves the breaker running and jumping into a front handspring then flopping down flat on his back ... The Baby Suicide is a stationary version of the handspring suicide ...
Axbomber - Transition Moves - Handspring
... Another common variation of the handspring transition sees the attacking wrestler Irish-whip their opponent onto a turnbuckle from an adjacent corner ... crashes with their back onto the turnbuckle, the wrestler immediately performs a handspring combo towards the opponent across the ring ... they are free to use the momentum of the handspring combination to leap backwards and strike with either a back-elbow, a back-thump, a dropkick or any other convenient attack ...