Handheld Game Console

Handheld Game Console

A handheld video game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, game controls, speakers and replaceable and/or rechargeable batteries or battery pack. Handheld game consoles are smaller than home video game consoles and contain the console, screen, speakers, and controls in one unit, allowing people to carry them and play them at any time or place.

In 1976, Mattel introduced the first handheld electronic game with the release of Auto Race. Later, several companies—including Coleco and Milton Bradley—made their own single-game, lightweight table-top or handheld electronic game devices. The oldest true handheld game console with interchangeable cartridges is the Milton Bradley Microvision in 1979.

Nintendo is credited with popularizing the handheld console concept with the release of the Game Boy in 1989 and as of 2011 continues to dominate the handheld console market with their Nintendo DS and DSi systems. However, Nintendo's latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, has been their largest handheld or video game console investment success in 30 years.

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List of Notable Handheld Game Consoles
... Milton Bradley Microvision (1979) Epoch Game Pocket Computer - (1984) - Japanese only not a success Nintendo Game Boy (1989) - First internationally successful handheld game console Atari Lynx (1 ... Sega Mega Jet (1992) - no screen, made for Japan Airlines (first handheld without a screen) Mega Duck/Cougar Boy (1993) - 4 level grayscale 2,7" LCD - stereo sound - rare, sold in Europe ... Sega Visual Memory Unit (1998) - Dreamcast memory card/portable mini console in one ...

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