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Okichitaw - Training - Offensive
... are introduced early in a student's training because of the influence of the weapons on the hand-to-hand techniques ... Although only advanced students will train with these weapons, all hand techniques of Okichitaw are based on the hand positioning and attack applications of these specific ... Hand-to-hand techniques often assume the use of tomahawk and knife, but do not always rely upon the use of weapons ...
Han Mu Do - Techniques
... Hanmudo, on the other hand, can use a pulling action together with a downward motion ... This Hanmudo series of smooth moves allows to the execution of other techniques ... Another difference between Hanmudo and Hapkido is in the hand techniques ...
Tang Soo Do - Free Sparring
... Lead and rear-leg kicks and lead and rear-arm hand techniques all score equally (one point per technique) ... However, to encourage the use of jumping and spinning kicks, these techniques may be scored with a higher point value than standing techniques in some competitions ... Open-hand techniques other than the ridgehand (see AAU taekwondo point sparring handbook) and leg sweeps are typically not allowed ...
Yoh Asakura - Abilities and Techniques
... relatively unrefined and he is lacking in knowledge of more sophisticated techniques at the beginning of the series when he first arrives in Tokyo and ... gradually increases and he develops rapidly from first hand experience from combat ... Notably, Yoh is able to develop a powerful Oversoul, despite only learning the technique after encountering Patch Officiant Silva, and through the mastery of the ...
Bruce Lee's Fighting Method - Hardcover Edition
5 - Speed Training Part II - Skill In Techniques Ch. 7 - Skill In Hand Techniques Ch. 11 - Sparring Part III - Advanced Techniques Ch ...

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    It is easy to lose confidence in our natural ability to raise children. The true techniques for raising children are simple: Be with them, play with them, talk to them. You are not squandering their time no matter what the latest child development books say about “purposeful play” and “cognitive learning skills.”
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)

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